Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank goodness for family :)

So many of you know that Matt, Sam, and I have been staying with my mom. We had originally moved in because we did not want to renew our lease at our old apartment since we thought we may have been moving out of state for a few months. We were interested in going month to month, but they were going to charge about $1899. Talk about highway robbery. So, we moved in with my mom until we found out something concrete about Matt's job. We still haven't, but we are now at the point where we are comfortable signing a lease with a modest apartment.

Sunday morning, Andy Bales of the Union Rescue Mission came to give a report to our church. I was so convicted by some of the stories of people who had ended up on the street and had found hope in the URM. I turned to my mom and thanked her, telling her I don't know where Matt, Sam, and I would be without her. After church, we went over to Angela's house, and I thought about how lucky I was to live near family and to have the support and guidance they give. Here are some pics of the afternoon at her home.

My mom holding Lauren and Sam and Ryan and Aidan with their helmets.
Angela makes sure that Sam does not push the truck into the street.
I wish I had a tree to hang a swing on, but Auntie's house will do.
When Ryan saw Sam, of course he wanted to join in the fun.So they enjoyed it together.Sam did the only thing he knew what to do with the skateboards Ryan and Aidan got for Christmas: pushed it.
There is good news in all of this though. We found an affordable apartment in Walnut we are set to move into on January 7th. We did have a deposit on one set to move in December 26th, but the people decided they were not leaving. Is that even legal? We are finally getting back on track as a family and Matt and I can't wait to get all of our stuff out of storage. He has forgotten what our drinking glasses look like and we really want our winter clothes we put there. :) If you want our new address, email me and I will get it to you. Hopefully we can stay in this place for more than a year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

What do I do all day?

My sister sent me this email. At the beginning I was laughing and at the end I was saying "Hallelujah!" Basically, the article is a lady asking what her friend with kids does all day. If you or someone you know has kids, you will appreciate (and maybe even learn) what we do all day. BTW, it is NOT watching soaps and relaxing on the couch. Sorry about the fuzziness. I don't have time to sit at home and try to format this correctly. HAHA.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Playing or Working?

As I sit here watching Sam, I still cannot believe where Matt is. Monday he started a new part time job he got through a friend. If you can believe it, some company is paying Matt to test out video games. Now, I find this highly annoying. Admittedly the pay is low ($9/hr), but seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Not that my part time job is horrendous or difficult, really quite the contrary, but I wish I could find a job where I could... say... walk. I love to go out walking. I also thought, "Ok, this is going to be good. Now after playing a game 8 hours there is NO WAY that he will come home and head for his XBox as soon as Sam is asleep." Wrong again. Monday he couldn't wait to plug it in since he had been playing (yes, I did say playing) PSP all day. Sigh. At least he is doing something he loves and is getting paid for it. Isn't that the whole purpose? Well, I on the other hand, have got to change a poopy diaper. (grumbles)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let's Go Outside!

So Sam has figured out that if he grabs your hand, he can basically lead you (or pull you) wherever he wants to go. Well, it seems the only place he wants to go is out the front door. It is pretty annoying because a) the weather has been getting cooler b) Sam is getting quicker c) Sam is getting more brazen d) outside requires a jacket and shoes e) Sam knows no time of day. But how can you resist when your little boy wants to go outside and explore? You can't.

So yesterday he picked a good time to grab my hand and I had time to grab my camera. Here he is on the way out the door.
Not sure what he was looking at here, but I loved the lips. He has started to say "wow" not really knowing what it is though.
I was trying desperately to get this with him looking at the camera. It WOULD have been a perfect Christmas card with the red and green leaves.
Ok, so Sam of course finds the only thing that could get him into trouble: mushrooms.
It was such a nice day, and it is always sad when we can't go outside, especially for Sam. Pull your fingers away from his hand, and you get a face similar to that shown here:
Ah, you gotta love these times. I know I will miss it when he no longer wants to hold mommy's hand and take her with him... so for now, I will savor every moment.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Seven years and counting...

Well, we finally made it to year seven. :) It seems like yesterday when Matt and I were married in that little church in Rancho Palos Verdes, but at the same time, it seems so long ago. We have come so far, so much has happened, and we have a family finally. I must say, at least on my side, that I am as happy as ever. We are going through tough times right now, but there is no one I would rather have struggling with me at my side. We had a very nice Anniversary. We spent most of the time just hanging out with each other. Tonight we got a sitter (aka Grandma) and had a nice dinner at Bucca di Beppo. Great restaurant... sigh. If you ever go, the green beans are a must. Seven down... many more to go!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Religious Hands

Ok so I came upon this video by accident. I was working late into the night, as usual, and I really needed some music. This is when I turn to Youtube due to a lack of music on the computer. (Don't ask, about 3 months ago I wiped my lappy clean) So listening to Casting Crowns, I saw this video and knew I had to share because I thought it was so cool. Kudos to the Oslo UPC Youth Group for a cool presentation. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a thriller!

So I found it interesting to hear that they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Thriller." They had a huge event worldwide to try and break the record of people simultaneously dancing the thriller dance. So secretly, I have always wanted to learn how to do this, especially after seeing the movie 13 Going On 30. So tonight, I downloaded a three step tutorial learning how to dance the thriller dance. I would link the one I did, but the owner states on their website they want permission that I really don't feel like going through the hassle of getting. Just google it, you will find some. So check in on me and see how it is going! BTW, like the pumpkins??

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My 'lil pumpkin!

Today we had the pleasure of going to the Cal-Poly Pomona's Annual Pumpkin Festival with my mom and my sister and her family. It has kinda turned into a family tradition almost. We had such a good time, as usual. There were so many pumpkins, but none compared to my little pumpkin Sam. We took Sam last year when he was just a little baby, but now he is my little boy and was stumbling around the patch. It is so hard to get Sam to look at the camera, but what can I expect? I am just not a professional...

We found this stack of pumpkins and knew it would be a great spot to take some pictures.
Sam was bewildered by the surroundings. He got some use out of some Shaq tennis shoes though.
Left to right: Aidan (22 months) Sam (14 months) Lauren (2.5 months) and Ryan (3 years). What a good looking crew!
Sam and I in the pumpkin patch.
It was such a nice day. A little hotter than I expected, but we survived. I look forward to carving them with Matt and Sam, except for the mess that I have to clean up afterwards! Here's looking forward to a great Halloween!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

How many jobs can he apply to?!

I don't know how many of you are aware of Matt's job situation. Let me just say it is crazy. He went to school to be an Air Traffic Controller, got his 2 year degree, was hired, sent to Oklahoma to train, sent to LAX (due to confusion of his experience in the Navy), could not pass Clearance and Delivery, and resigned so he could reapply. He is still in the re-application process.

Since it is taking so long, he has now applied for the CHP. He has made it past the written test, physical ability test and vision test. This makes me a little uneasy, not only because being a cop can be dangerous, but also because the CHP academy is in Sacramento for six months. But the pay is good, and that is a major necessity right now.

So in the meantime, Matt has taken a job selling Nissans, which I thought would be better than Assistant Manager pay at GameStop (it is, but not by much), but the way the economy is going, people are not buying a lot of cars. At least his pay is not strictly commission!

Please keep our family in your prayers. We would love to become a normal functioning family in a normal family and financial situation, but life sometimes throws curves. You have to make lemonade with those lemons.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A couple of firsts and one repeat.

So in case you didn't know, recently it was my birthday. As I am sure most of you do, I received some cash. Usually I am totally money conscious and I apply it toward bills and what not. But this year, I really wanted to do something fun with my money. After hohuming about a couple of different options (A day at Catalina, a short weekend trip away with the men in my life) I decided on the gift that will last throughout the year. Tuesday the 23rd Sam experienced Disneyland for the first time. We had such a good time, but note to parents, 14 month year olds are still too young for Peter Pan and really any ride that is kinda dark on the inside. He did okay on the Storybook Land tour and the Ferris Wheel at California Adventure, but beyond that, it was a tough time for Sam. But he enjoyed Pluto! ;)Another first we experienced is below. I decided it was time for Sam to get a haircut. I thought about this one too and though I wanted a wonderful memory in a cute little shop somewhere, I thought it would be less traumatic if I did it myself. Sam was such a good boy. The only thing I might have done differently is to have done a number 3 instead of a number 1. I am getting "chemo baby" comments from the fam. Here is the before...
And the after....
Friday night we had the opportunity to go to the LA County Fair. Now, as I stated in the title of this blog, this is not Sam's first time at the fair. We got to go last year when Sam was 2 months old. Daddy and son got this cute little picture together. Quite funny if I do say so myself.
So, try as he might, Matt could not find the same cut out board for this year's picture. So we had to settle for this one:
Still pretty cute if I do say so myself. Well, I have to go get Sam some dinner. Hope all is going well in all of your lives!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breaking News!

So I don't expect to post this often, but I had to come on and share this with the world. I knew Sam would be getting close, but this is about as good as it gets. I am so proud of Sam.

Mind you, it is just a few steps, but seeing as he just started standing a couple of weeks ago, I am so proud of his accomplishment. I can seriously credit his tractor in helping him go. This is the John Deere Sit and Scoot Activity Tractor made by Learning Curve and given to him for his birthday by his Uncle Rob, Aunt Angela, and cousins Ryan and Aidan. He absolutely loves pushing around this thing.

This was probably a video shot in late August. At this point, as shown in the video, it was pushing it until he ran into something, then getting on the other end and pushing again. Sorry for the length of it, feel free to stop it. A couple of weeks ago, he turned pro and started steering the thing around the house. Pretty soon it will no longer be used to push, but instead to sit on. How quickly they grow up. (insert sad face here, lol.)

Gosh, he is napping now, but I am on cloud nine! My little boy can walk!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day at the Park

Today Matt finally had a day off from his full time job so we could spend some time together as a family. After a great lunch at Hometown Buffet, I had him swing by Slauson Park in Azusa so we could play with Sam for a while. I also wanted to get some pics of the weather per my dad's request. It is a cute little park that also has a pool attached to it. The pool is awesome. It has a large slide available to kids and a little splash zone, but sadly, it is now closed for the season.

Of course, our first stop with a baby almost toddler is the infant swings. Sam for the first time truly loved it. He smiled and laughed.

Matt and Sam had a good old time playing on the swing.
Here is a still I just love...
Then, it was my turn to get in on the fun.
Thank goodness for timers on the camera. Had we known we were taking pictures, I think we may have dressed a bit differently, but hey, I am representing (though they are as rotten as rotten eggs) and Matt is still in work clothes from doing a part time shift earlier. Sam looks great thanks to some snazzy clothes from Becky and shoes from Grandma Judy.
Sam poking Matt's eye out.
Ahhh bab bab bab bab bab. Sam and I making noises on our hands.

It was such a nice day. Not too hot, so jeans were an option to wear... finally! I LOVE autumn. Welcome Fall, good riddance Summer! Until next time...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sick of it all

I am sure I am not the only one, but I am going crazy with all of the political crap being inundated on us. The sad thing is, it is only September. How did it ever get like this? You know, I am really too young to know any different, but my guess is that it was not like this 20 years ago. There were no "I approve this message" commercials, only what mattered: debates. I could be sadly mistaken, but it seems counterproductive what they do. The sad thing is, it's not! People judge their votes by commercials because we don't have the time or will to do the research. I am not criticizing this approach; I totally understand it. I for one am so sick of hearing all the politics that I really don't want to make the effort. Not to mention that I feel like my vote totally does not count. IMO, unless you live in one of those swing states, it is pretty obvious what your vote is going to do. On the other hand, if everyone felt the way I do, our electoral system would not work. So, let's all get ready to endure another 7 or so weeks of hell. Just get this dang election over so we can return to worrying about the economy, war, natural disasters, and all the other wonderful stories waiting to be reported on.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can I possibly be doing this?

Ok, so being inspired by my friend Brienne (I hope she doesn't mind me connecting to her here), whose blog I read faithfully, I have decided to try this out on my own and see if anyone thinks my life, well, Matt and I's lives, are very interesting. I seriously hope that this is not a waste of time as a few of my other ventures, namely facebook, so I will try to update this weekly. Since I spend a lot of time on the computer, I think I should be able to keep it up.

So what has been going on recently? What else? My big boy Sam. Look what he can do!
So I realize this probably isn't the best picture, but you have to remember that A) I have about 10 seconds to get the picture and B) My mom is not a great photographer. Despite giving her the camera and standing Sam up and getting out of the way, I either got a finger or a blur when my mom was on the other side of the camera. Oh and btw, I thought this shirt looked kinda big on him. When I saw the tag said 4T, I busted up laughing. Sam should be wearing 18 months at the largest... usually 12 months. This is what you get for having WAY too many clothes from cousins at your house.

I guess I will wrap this up, of course with more to come.