Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everything is better with the topping.

Sam has recently discovered the "extras" in life. The toppings on the ice cream instead of the ice cream, the whipped cream on the strawberry shortcake, and within the last week, ketchup. I remember my sister's kids going through the whole "dip" stage. I don't really know if Ryan has gotten passed it to be honest.

Well, Sam has decided to love dip. In fact, he has done the whole dip and lick without eating the actual food item. While throwing dinner on the table trying to get ready to work, I zapped some corn dog bites in the microwave (aka emergency dinner/ too lazy or tired to cook dinner), and put them in front of Sam. As soon as he saw the ketchup bottle coming I got the mmMMMMmm!

Can't wait to see him experience all the extras there are in life!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So as I sit here, working, eating chips and salsa, I am reminiscent of my favorite Mexican restaurant, Chile Peppers. I love Chile Peppers. For those of you who are familiar with my restaurant know that it has recently changed hands. I have been there since, and I was a little disappointed. But right now it is closed for remodeling, so we will see what is going on there.

I would have to say my favorite Mexican food is Flautas. In case you are also not familiar with a Flauta, it is basically a taquito, but made with a flour tortilla instead of corn. I love chicken and cheese flautas. They are the best. Now that I am thinking and blogging about it, I REALLY want one!

Anyone have any favorite dishes or restaurants? I would love to hear about them!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor

Ok, so admittedly I got interested in this season. I don't usually watch The Bachelor series, but this time the bachelor was a single dad, and I am a sucker for anything having to do with kids. Along the way my favorites were sent home, Stephanie then Jillian, but when it came down to Melissa and Molly, I must admit I was pulling for Molly. As the final episode went on, I could sympathize with Jason's pick. Melissa seemed like she could be a stay at home mom to Ty; Molly was the one with a real career. But I just didn't like Melissa. She was so immature, too cutesy.

When he picked Melissa at the end, I felt bad for Molly, but understood Jason's pick. On the After The Rose episode though, it was incredible that he, in so many words, changed his mind. Most people are totally outraged at this. I say, who cares?! Jason obviously found out with more time that he and Melissa were never going to make it. Here's to another shot at happiness for Jason. I sincerely hope it works out, though the stats on past couples are not good. Oh, and don't bug me tonight at 10; I will be watching part 2 of After The Rose. ;)